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Cryotherapy is a combination of modern medicine with alternative therapy. Whole body and also local cryotherapy found its application not only in rehabilitation, relieving or eliminating the consequences of disease, but is now popular by active sportsmen and people who look after their fitness and health. We offer you the positive effects of cryotherapy in our specialised Cryochamber in AquaCity Poprad. In addition to whole-body cryotherapy, we also perform local cryotherapy.


Duration of treatment:
30 min.
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0 days
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Whole body cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a healing and rehabilitation method, which history goes back to the 70s – 80s of the last century. The procedure involves a maximum of a three – minute stay in a chamber with an average temperature of – 120 ° C, followed by intense exercise – Kinesiotherapy. Staying in the chamber under medical supervision stimulates the natural production of enzymes and hormones, supporting healing, and in your body, it “starts” self-medication and regeneration.

The process of cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is absolutely safe, entry into the pre-chamber and Cryochamber is preceded by a medical examination, suitability or unsuitability of this therapy recommended according to information about the health status of patients.

On arrival guests are given moisture free clothing that includes a T-shirt, shorts, headbands, gloves, socks, clogs and a mask to the nose and mouth. Parts of the skin must be due to the above-mentioned stimulation of receptors exposed. Pre-treatment is the entrance to the pre-chamber, with a temperature of -60 °C for approximately 30 seconds. Following this is entry through the internal passage doors into the main Cryochamber, where the temperature reaches -120 °C and where clients are in motion all the time, avoiding skin contact. Cryochamber temperatures are low due to the fact that there is zero humidity and visitors do not feel the intense cold. After two, maximum three minutes, visitors come out through the adaptation chamber so the body can adapt to the changes in temperature. After leaving the Cryochamber the visitors do 20 minutes of intense exercise. Visitors can leave the Cryochamber at any time during the procedure. During the entire treatment, guests are in direct visual contact with the personnel through the window of the chamber. The cold causes constriction of the arteries in the human body. Subsequent to stay warm, eventually after heating the organism occurs contrary to their massive distension. This phenomenon can be seen in everyday life, the reddening of the skin in the cold.

How many procedures are recomended to take?

For the effect to be long-lasting, it is recommended to complete at least 7 to 10 consecutive treatments, once or twice a year. Most visitors, however, will feel the positive effects of Cryotherapy after the first entry into the Cryochamber.

Therapeutic effects

Cryotherapy is absolutely safe, entry into the pre-chamber and Cryochamber is preceded by a medical examination, suitability or unsuitability of this therapy is recommended according to the information about the health status of patients.
By stimulating the self-healing mechanism Cryotherapy has a broad-spectrum effect. It is used for the treatment of rheumatology, paediatrics, orthopaedics, surgery and neurosurgery and physiotherapy. Scientific research as well as practical experience has brought excellent results for the following diagnoses:

  • Inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system (rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever), Degenerative diseases of joints and spine (arthritis), diseases of the intervertebral discs, back pain
  • Rheumatism, Multiple Sclerosis, Changes in muscles, joints and tendons after injury (contusion, hematoma, etc.), Palsy, spastic contracture in limbs
  • The primary and secondary osteoporosis, arthritis and arthrosis, Fibromyalgia (soft tissue pain in the joints)
  • Cellulite, Difficulties in menopause, Primary and secondary inflammatory changes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • Conditions after cerebral palsy, Degenerative changes due to defective motor nerves, Psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, Symptoms of migraine and depression
  • Erectile dysfunction, Insomnia and chronic fatigue

The method is very useful in bacterial and bacterial inflammation of the joints, spinal and joint pain, and the momentum of children with spina bifida.

Cryotherapy significantly stimulates the human immune system, solves the problem of skin diseases and eczema, psoriasis, cellulite, it is also used in invasive surgery – during operations. It has a good effect on patients with malignant tumours in the phase of a terminal illness – by its analgesic effect and pain relief. It is suitable for cardiovascular disease, in metabolic syndrome (diabetes, obesity, high-pressure depending on the origin), following a previous complete examination. In the treatment of Cryotherapy it has recorded significant reduction of the waistline, systolic blood pressure equalisation and increase of so called good cholesterol – HDL, a positive impact on patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis – increased movement of the limbs.

It has positive effects on depressed patients, in stress – causes a feeling of joy and euphoria, warmth, and takes away the feeling of anxiety (confirmed by 4/5 visitors), it also indicates the disappearance of headaches, increased sexual activity, treatment of allergy to cold, ringing in the ear … Cryotherapy is for a broad group of people who suffer from health problems or are interested in their own health.

Despite a number of positive effects, Cryotherapy is not suitable for people suffering from allergy to cold, pregnant women and patients with untreated high pressure. Other contraindications can be determined by a doctor during personal consultation and examination before the first entry into the Cryochamber.

Cosmetic effects

Laboratory tests and experience clearly demonstrated the cosmetic effects of cold exposure that women seek. Stay in the Cryochamber tightens the skin, rejuvenates, refreshes, and by the influence of the hormone endorphin, which is produced by the treatment, improves mood. Cryotherapy by cooling layers of the skin and subsequent congestion (pushing) of fat cells, helps remove cellulite, enhances durability and quality of skin all over the body. Cryotherapy actively helps in weight loss and weight reduction as well as with difficulties in the menopause.

In the case of increased renal blood flow, it leads to more efficient filtration, thereby contributing to the metabolite of the human body secreted by the kidneys, and thus to the overall detoxification of the body.

Awakening the body by Cryotherapy:

  • Significantly contributes to overcoming chronic and “spring” tiredness
  • Significantly improves moods, reduces stress and helps relieve depression and mood swings during weather changes
  • Relieves stress, releases muscle tension, body detoxification, it is effective against insomnia
  • The overall regeneration of the body, strengthening the immunity of the organism, stay in the chamber improves skin condition, rejuvenates and refreshes
  • It is effective against cellulite and in conjunction with the following exercise helps in reducing weight and overweight, it helps in the menopause, and migraine
Sport and regeneration

It helps athletes in increasing muscle performance, physical condition, recovery before and after sports performances and the regeneration of post-traumatic states.

Secretion of hormones, especially testosterone, in the course of Cryotherapy is especially interesting for athletes. This phenomenon has in fact a direct impact on the growth of the muscle mass and enhances performance in strength and endurance training. Supports muscle relaxation and total biological regeneration and thanks to intensive oxygenation it also prevents the formation of lactic acid. Cryotherapy is widely used by the best professional athletes, as one of the most modern and most effective forms of regeneration and increases performance of the so-called pure form before or after exercise.

Slovak doctors who use the therapy in sports, tested swimmers blood tests, and they were able to prove that recovery after the completion of therapy was twice as fast.

Cryotherapy is determined by a wide group of people who suffer from health problems or are interested in their health and are trying to live an active and vital life.


Several years of experience have led to the definition of obstacles for which it is not possible to undergo Cryotherapy treatment:

  • Intolerance and allergy to cold, Fear of enclosed spaces – claustrophobia, Overcooling of the organism
  • Raynaud’s disease, Allergy to cold, Local blood circulation disorders
  • Anaemia, The use of certain drugs – neuroleptics and alcohol, Underactive thyroid gland, Cancerous diseases, Mental disorders associated with abnormal sweating
  • Pregnancy, Infectious diseases

On the part of circulatory system, it is not suitable to undergo body Cryotherapy in the following cases:

  • Heart valve problems (narrowing of the valves), CHD in circulation insufficiency, Severe forms of asthma
  • Severe diabetes, Abnormal heart rhythm and resting heart rate above 100 beats per 1 minute, Pulmonary edema, Severe lung disease
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