Laser medicine


An effective procedure to rejuvenate your skin. Already during the first treatment the skin is stretched - lifting effect, mimic wrinkles are softened and collagen is renewed with skin tone harmonisation, skin colour and texture improvement, fine and deeper lines become less visible and disappear.


Duration of treatment:
60 min.
You can go out:
Sick leave:
0 days
in 2 days
Duration of effect:
several months / years
Effects and areas of treatment
  • Smoothing of fine, medium and deep wrinkles
  • Effective acne treatment
  • Treatment of pigment spots, initiation of collagen and connective fibre formation
  • Treatment areas – face, neck and décolleté
Course of treatment

In laser rejuvenation, a large volume of skin tissue is heated by the device and the beam penetrates to a greater depth, ensuring a controllable target skin temperature. The principle of rejuvenation of the skin lies in the overheating of the collagen and elastic fibres in the subcutis of the laser beam. The skin is then stretched and face texture is also improved.

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