Aesthetic Dermatology


Our clinic offers regular preventive dermatological examination of skin changes by simple non-invasive examination - Dermatoscopy.

  • Prevention
    Prevention of skin cancer in the first place includes protection against UV rays (from the sun and in solariums).
  • Early diagnostics
    Every person should check at least once every 3 months what changes have occurred to their skin (self-test, partner test). If irregularity is suspected, a dermatologist should be sought. Otherwise it is recommended to come to preventive examination once a year.
How to prevent skin sunburn in the summer months?
  • Avoid exposure to the sun between 11am and 3pm
  • Do not let your skin turn red in the sun, no direct sun
  • Seek out shady places, protect yourself with clothing
  • Children under 12 months should not be exposed to the sun at all
  • Sun creams to choose by skin type
  • Choose a product with UVA + UVB filter
  • Protect eyes with UV-filter glasses, on holiday slow and gradual tan without sunburn, start with a higher factor
  • Think of enhanced radiation in mountains, seaside and snow
  • Water is not enough UV filter, even when dipping and bathing use UV protection
  • Permanently protect the most exposed areas (face, ears, lips, baldness, shoulders, décolleté …)
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